The Inns and Outs of Live Online Baccarat

Baccarat’s popularity comes from the house edge that can be as low as 1.06% when betting on the banker’s hand and 1.24% on the player’s hand (although it can be as much as 4.85–14.36% for tie bets). In this article, the 50Casino team outlines how live baccarat works and explains the ins and outs of its gameplay and strategy.

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How to play

Choosing the optimal platform

Consider the game repertoire, options for real money casino play, and overall ambience of the site. Read the ratings at 50Casino to find US-licenced sites with a good range of live games.

Funding the account

Most us gambling sites offer bank transfers, cards, e-wallets, and cash options. Those who value speed and convenience above all may opt for PayPal-friendly casinos from our list.

Starting the game

Before the cards are dealt, gamblers must bet on either the player’s or the banker’s hand, or a tie.

Examining the cards

The dealer assigns two respective cards to the player and the banker. Face cards count as 0, while the others equate to their face value. If the cards add up to more than 10 points, only the second digit counts, so 9+4=13 counts as a 3-point hand.


If the player or banker has a card total of 8 or 9 on their first two cards, there is no more card draw and the game’s outcome is determined. If a player’s hand equates to 6 or 7, they stand, but the banker draws. Finally, players landing in the 0–5 range draw an extra card. The banker’s draw is determined by the player’s final card, as shown in the table below:

Player’s 3rd cardBanker
9, 10, face-card, Ace0–3 draws4–7 stands
80–2 draws3–7 stands
6, 70–6 draws7 stands
4, 50–5 draws6–7 stands
2, 30–4 draws5–7 stands

Interpreting the outcome

The hand that scores closest to 9 wins. Should both hands have the same value, the result is a tie.

Game variations

Single PlayerIn this option, the only people in the room are the player and the dealer. It’s important to note that the dealer does not represent the banker, nor is the player obliged to bet on the “player’s hand”. The gambler can make any desired wagering choice.
Multi-SeatThe rules of the multi-seat version do not differ from the rules applied to the single-seat variant. The only difference lies in the fact that, in a multi-seat room, multiple users are present at the virtual table. Each of them places their individual wager. Present gamblers can see other users’ bets.
Mini-BaccaratThe main feature of this variety is the small table at which the participants are seated. In live casinos, the table size is not as significant as in brick-and-mortar venues, but the atmosphere is notably less formal. Moreover, the betting limits and average stakes tend to be lower.

Side bets

ProgressiveThere are various types of progressive betting, each of them based on adapting your stakes and gameplay following the developments on the table. The most popular progressive betting systems include the 1-3-2-6 strategy, in which each win leads to an increased stake. In the event of loss, the participant returns to the initial wager.
PairsThis is a simple side wager that participants can place before the commencement of each round. It consists of predicting that the first items dealt to the player and/or the banker will have the same number or picture type. For example, one side might receive two Queens, which leads to the success of the bettor.
Small/BigThis additional wagering opportunity refers to the overall number of dealt items. If the total number of dealt cards on the table remains at 4, the small bet is victorious. Should at least one more card be drawn on either side, the opposite betting option triumphs.
Sum BonusThis bonus wager has to do with the sum of the final amounts of both sides. Should that sum be lower than 5 or higher than 14, the bettor who placed this side bet is a lucky winner. The payout ratios can differ, depending on the exact structure of both hands.
Tie BonusThis is an upgrade to the initial tie bet, increasing the winning potential for the participant. While the regular tie covers the total sum of all hands, this bonus enables the seated users to predict the exact overall sum, resulting in higher odds. The overall number of cards on the table is also taken into consideration.


Where can I find the best live dealer baccarat casino in the USA?

50Casino’s team has done the fieldwork for you and compiled a list of top US-based websites for this game of chance. When assessing casinos, we always prioritize the safety of personal and financial data, fair practices, and responsible gambling features.

Can I chat with the dealer or other players when playing live baccarat?

Yes, the users have the option of interacting with all people present in the room. That adds a social dimension to the experience and invokes the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar venues. The appeal of the chat features draws many newcomers, as well as experienced gambling devotees, to online gambling hubs with real-time casino rooms.

How do the odds in live baccarat compare to the traditional version?

Odds in live casinos are usually slightly more favorable for gamblers than the ones at land-based casinos. However, each platform and software developer can influence these odds, which means we have to restrict our conclusions to average figures. Since players can chat with dealers in such environments, they are encouraged to ask about the applied odds and available betting types.