The Adoption of Live Lightning Dice in American Virtual Casinos

Lightning Dice is a fast-paced table game played with a pair of dice and a simple set of rules. The live-dealer variant available in the US is provided by Evolution, which is a renowned provider with many other products in this category. By reading this article, gamblers can learn the key basics about Lightning Dice before indulging in play.

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing

  1. 1

    Familiarizing with the rules

    Success in any online casino game depends on the knowledge of the rules, mechanics, and payouts. As such, it is vital to read up and get an idea of how the game works by exploring some demos (of the non-live variant) before committing to real-money play.

  2. 2

    Identifying and joining the right platform

    It is a good idea to start with our list of iGaming operators that offer Lightning Dice, have a verified license, were vetted by the 50Casino team. Players based in West Virginia can take a peek at our mobile options for casino play in WV, providing a live gambling experience on the go.

  3. 3

    Making a payment

    Modern-day gamblers have the privilege of choosing between a plethora of payment options, from PayPal casino gaming to traditional debit and credit cards. After registering, one should choose the most fitting method and make a payment, adhering to the minimum deposit requirements.

  4. 4

    Commencing the gameplay

    Users should find the desired option by using the search feature and enter the relevant casino room. They’ll be faced with a board containing 16 betting options, all representing possible sums of three dice about to be thrown. Participants select the wagering option and the amount to be staked.

  5. 5

    Watching the presenter’s show

    The presenter does the throwing—a process which resembles an exciting game show.

  6. 6

    Announcing the winner

    The total sum of the three items points to the winner—the person who bet on that exact number.

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Tips for Successful Gameplay

The strategies for playing this game depend on individual playing habits. Inexperienced gamblers can start by playing safe to explore the dynamics of the game, and following the tips that 50Casino has compiled for them:

Focusing on middle numbersBetting on sums on the 9–13 range is recommended, as the probability of such results is statistically higher. For an added dose of safety, one may bet on more than one outcome from this range.
Placing a limited number of betsSome players may think that betting on all possible outcomes will ensure constant profit, as one of these options is bound to end up victorious. While this is true, the winnings will add up to less than the sum of the wagers. As such, the experts at 50Casino suggest placing 1–2 bets per round.
Balancing riskAn approach that combines safety and excitement is placing wagers both on safer and riskier options. Participants can stake larger sums on numbers 9 to 13, with an additional, small wager on marginal numbers, which can lead to more lucrative winnings.


Do I need a deposit to play this game?

Yes. Because live casino games have a human dealer who needs to be paid, there are no free demo versions available. Gamblers can opt to demo the non-live version to test out the main gameplay principles.

What is the RTP for Lightning Dice?

The return to player (RTP) rate is in the 96.03–96.21% range, which is about average in the US.