Live Texas Hold’em Is a Staple of US Online Gambling

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker variations out there. It dates back to the early 1900s. Rumor has it that it was created in Robstown, Texas, but its popularity surged in the 2000s due to tournaments broadcast on TV. Unlike classic variations of online poker, live Texas Hold’em rounds are hosted by real human dealers. This allows for greater interactivity and entertainment from the comfort of one’s own home.

How to play

  1. 1

    Choosing a casino

    We advise readers to choose a safe casino from the brands that have been tested by 50Casino exterts and included in the list of PA’s new casino offerings.
  2. 2

    Initial bets

    Once everybody joins, the dealer gives out two cards to each player. Two gamblers located at the dealer’s left place blind bets based on the current minimal bet.
  3. 3

    Making bets

    After all the blinds have been placed, gamblers have the choice to call, raise the bet, or fold, depending on their hands. If a gambler decides to call, they have to match the amount of chips invested in the blinds, while those who raise need to put more chips in the pot. finally, folding means skipping the round without making a bet (excluding the blinds).
  4. 4

    Seeing the community cards

    5 community cards are placed face-down on the table, and 3 of them are revealed in a stage called “the flop”. Players can then either check (wait for others’ responses before playing), fold, or call. Afterwards, two more rounds (called “the turn” or “fourth street” and “the river” or “fifth street”) are played, revelaing one additional card each, and presenting the same choices.
  5. 5

    The showdown

    Once the last community card is revealed, everyone who has not folded needs to show their hand. However, of all players except one have folded, the remaining gambler does ho have to show their hand.
  6. 6

    Revealing the winner

    The round winner is the player who can make the best five-card combination with their cards and the community cards. The winner gets the pot, i.e., all chips invested.

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The hands explained

There are ten types of hands in this popular poker variety, differing in value. As a rule of thumb, one needs to remember that the most valuable hands include items of the same value or suit. Below is the full list of combinations.

Royal FlushA, K, Q, J, and 10 in the same suit.
Straight FlushFive items in consecutive order plus the same suit.
Four of a KindFour equally valuable cards plus one on the side.
Full HouseTwo cards of one value plus three of another value.
FlushFive items in the same suit, regardless of value.
StraightFive elements in consecutive order but in different suits.
Three-of-a-KindThree equally valuable cards plus two on the side.
Two PairTwo card sets of equal value plus one extra card.
One PairTwo equally valuable cards plus three extra on the side.
High CardFive unrelated elements that are used to create other hands.

Popular variants 

StandardTraditional variant, boasting a full online experience. This game version allows players to experience the classic poker world.
UltimateThis form is similar to the Standard variant, but focused on playing against the dealer. Therefore, in it, there are only two players—the user and the dealer.
Live Hold’em ProAdvanced version, featuring both Ultimate and Standard variants and other extras. This version is ideal for more experienced gamblers, wishing to discover new opportunities.


What strategies can be used to win more at live casino Hold’em?

While winning depends on many factors, there are strategies which can help. For example, many gamblers may decide to fold if they have a weak hand, or call if they only need one more card for a strong hand. Additionally, players can try using tools, such as an odds calculator, to help them make their next move.

What are the live casino Hold’em payouts?

This refers to participants’ winnings eligible for withdrawal. The payouts depend on the terms and conditions of the chosen casino. Our readers are advised to check all the information before they start playing. Additionally, we suggest contacting customer service for more details on all payment-related inquiries.

Is there a way to try Live Hold’em for free before wagering real money?

Some sites offer free demo versions of this game, but that’s quite uncommon. Players who want to try out gambling platforms for free or with low investment can follow the newest recommendations of experts at 50Casino. Our analyses include different new slots for the NJ online community and lucrative welcome bonuses with free spins.