The Concept of Bonus Featues in Slot Games

The first slot machines set the foundation for the gameplay, with players trying to hit three identical symbols on a 3×3 layout. As time went on and online slots became widely accessible, the gameplay gained more unique mechanics. To stand out among thousands of gaming titles, software developers continue to create innovative bonus features to enhance the experience.

What are Bonus Features in Online Slots?

If we look at basic game mechanics, to get a win in slots, the player must land identical symbols on a pre-determined payline. Every other feature outside of basic matching icons might be considered a bonus. It could take the form of simple wild symbols or a full minigame with additional content with more chances to win. 

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Symbol and gameplay bonuses

Most online slots have scatter and wild symbols that have an additional value listed in the paytable. Landing Scatter icons typically grants free spins, while a wild symbol can replace any other and give players enough identical icons on the payline to win. 

Over the years, providers have developed other options like cascading or tumbling reels, replacing winning icons with new characters, and opening up the possibility of new prizes in the same spin. Reels can also expand in some games, providing more ways to succeed.

Types of Bonus Features

  1. 1

    Free Spins

    This is a relatively common bonus that can be awarded during gameplay and grants a number of free rounds with the player’s current bet value. To trigger this, one usually needs to line up three scatter symbols or fill up some sort of progress bar if the game has one. This feature is particularly exciting because it is possible to hit the scatter symbols again during the free round, generating even more spin tokens. Although it must be noted that some games limit the number of them that can be won each round. Players interested in this feature may also want to consider our list of NJ-specific free spin offers.

  2. 2


    This is similar to the free spin feature offered in casinos for VIP New Jersey players. It also offers an extra round at the current stake, but the key difference is that the bonus symbol that triggered it stay in place. This way, there is a good chance of getting a few more of such symbols and earning a bigger reward.

  3. 3

    Pick-me bonus

    This is a type of minigame where the user is presented with some objects that hide a bonus behind them. Gamers need to trust their intuition and choose one of them, revealing a prize that is instantly applied to the game. The reward may come in the form of a multiplier, free spins, or even cash. Notably, in some games checking one of the tiles requires a wager, and it is possible to make the wrong choice and get nothing. Still, this is a creative and engaging feature, especially considering the ways providers tie it into the theme of the slot.

  4. 4

    Spin the Wheel

    This is another feature that gives out a prize based on the player’s luck. Although some may consider it more simple than the previous option, some slots tie it in with additional mechanics that bring more depth. For instance, landing on certain sectors of the wheel may not result in an instant prize, and instead offer a spin on a special slot machine that determines the reward amount.

When it comes to creating innovative bonus features, software developers excel at coming up with new ideas to freshen up the gameplay. It would be impossible to list all the variations that exist, but the overview above should provide a solid idea of what players can expect to see most of the time.

How do extra features affect the gameplay?

The gameplay is enhanced with unique options provided in online slots, as they build on the fundamental premise of landing identical icons on the payline. Diversity, fun factor, and innovative ways to fuel payouts are why gambling site visitors like free play, minigames, side bets, and wheel spinning for prizes.

Do additional elements affect the chances of winning?

Users who like low-volatility titles will love options like multipliers, re-spins, or other gameplay-enhancing modules as they build up to bigger payouts. It’s similar to high-volatility, where users might feel they are getting more from the games.

However fun these additions are, they don’t change the statistical chance of winning. Because a random number generator governs slots, each spin is entirely random, but the aesthetics of such features can elevate the experience.


Can extra features help players win?

Additional game elements enhance the user experience, and in the case of options like free spins, players get new wager-free rounds that can bring new wins.

How to decipher the meaning of the unique feature?

Whether users encounter spinning wheels, cascading reels, or scatter symbols, the meaning behind these elements is in the paytable.