How Are Slots Certified?

Slots are arguably the most popular games on online gambling platforms. Both the number of titles per platform and player affiliation support this claim. Modern online casinos must provide their users with an environment that matches stringent regulatory requirements, so each game is thoroughly tested and has to get certificates.

Gambling sites must adhere to regulatory bodies, and one of the conditions for delivering fair and safe casino entertainment is certified software.

What is slot certification?

All casino software, including slots, must go through the certification process. For this purpose, games are tested for fairness, and their key features, like RNG and RTP, are probed. Testing and certification are in the hands of third-party agencies.

The iGaming industry is under the loop of governments and regulatory bodies, and certification is one way to ensure fairness for gambling site visitors. 

What are testing agencies looking for?

State gaming control boards protect players navigating the virtual casinos of Pennsylvania, New Jeresy, and other states where iGaming regulation exists. Aside from the numerous conditions platforms must meet, casinos need licensed software to get regulatory approval.

Testing agencies look into the game’s fairness and the proper functionalities of underlying mechanisms. All slot games depend on RNG or random number generator as a principal force behind every spin’s outcome. 

Another thing that is extremely important for fairness is RTP or return to player. RTP is the theoretical return of money wagered on the game, usually between 90 and 96%. Return to player is the statistical average of payback to users spread out to millions of spins, which is what agencies check.

How is RNG checked?

To get approval, each title must have functional RNG. The independent laboratories are presented with the final game. They perform statistical and mathematical tests on over a million spins to verify the game’s correctness. 

Some of the basic requirements to ensure a random number generator works fairly include:

  1. The game outcome is generated randomly
  2. Wins or losses are unpredictable
  3. Sessions can’t be reproduced

Why is RTP important in slot games?

RTP shows the player how much the software pays out to the casino visitors from their wager. That doesn’t mean that for a return to the player of 95%, users should expect $95 from a $100 bet. The final amount out of millions of spins must align with what game developers advertised. 

Because each spin is randomly generated, win or loss does not influence each new roll. Third-party testers must approve the randomness and overall RTP for the slot to receive the valid certificate.

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What are the most established third-party certification agencies?

That task falls to several independent agencies, and some of the most famous certifiers are eCOGRA, iTechLabs, Gaming Laboratories International, and Technical Systems Testing.

eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or eCOGRA, is the oldest certification agency founded in 2003 in London. The agency established industry standards for online gambling software as an internationally recognized entity. Websites and slots with their approval are considered valid products.

iTech Labs came to the iGaming industry scene a year later. As a global agency, they provide certificates for online gaming systems, and gambling platforms rely on their validation.

Gaming Laboratories International focuses on testing and certification services for the iGaming industry, including electronic and interactive gaming testing.

TST, or Technical Systems Testing, has a broad range of services for iGaming clients. They deal with interactive gaming to ensure a fair, secure, and auditable experience within regulators’ expectations. 


How do we know if slot games are certified?

Online gambling platform promote their certificates on the home page. Players can expect a fair and seamless playing experience if they find eCOGRA, iTechLabs, or a similar logo on the website. Such providers couldn’t get a valid approval if the software didn’t abide to the existing regulations.

Why is RNG correctness important for fairness?

A random number generator determines outcomes in all slot games. If it doesn’t work as advertised, users won’t have a fair chance of getting wins. The random nature of these games means players will have the same chance of any outcome each time they spin the wheels, regardless of the previous results.