Comprehensive guide to Megaways slots

Developing companies constantly try to innovate in a heavily saturated online slots market. New concepts, bonus features, and game mechanics always arise because it’s hard to find footing among thousands of games is hard.

Since 2015, one of the more popular slot features has been Megaways, a concept that features a vast number of ways to win, along with different game mechanics and bonuses. New casinos legal in PA unanimously feature these games.

What is Megaways?

A unique twist to a standard slot game differs in the basic principle. While players must also land identical symbols from left to right, they don’t have to be in a predetermined payline. The only important thing is the continuation of reels regardless of their position.

Unlike standard games, Megaways doesn’t have fixed paylines, and the number of symbols is randomized each spin. Each of the six columns can have between two and seven symbols, adding up to a whopping 117,649 ways to win.

The genre’s popularity led to numerous popular titles getting these game mechanics. Innovative gameplay, different features, and bonus plays are among the leading advantages of the concept. 

If players wonder how to find the best casinos in West Virginia, looking for the ones with Megaways slots might be a great start.

Why is this technology special?

Most games in this genre are played with six reels. The different number of ways to win is the defining feature. Because spindles change the number of symbols, each spin has different possible ways to land a win.

While there are numerous variations and hybrid games, this type of game generally has between 243 and 117,649 winning possibilities. On top of that, each time a player strikes a win, the winning icon disappears from the playing field, and new ones fall in their place.

This feature is called cascading symbols, allowing more winnings in the same spin if a new winning symbol drops. Aside from the cascading option, these games have other bonus features like free spins. Users can also find additional horizontal row or a huge range of special characters that trigger game-specific bonuses.

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How is the RTP calculated?

Different mechanics that have varied numbers of ways to win each slot don’t impact the return to the player. Most titles have RTP similar to other slots, and since it is a relatively new concept, this amount revolves around 95-97%.

Previous wins or losses don’t impact the outcome, as each spin is randomized and relies on a random number generator. Similarly, the return to player is calculated straightforwardly by dividing payouts with wagers. RTP is a statistical average for millions of spins, and players should be aware of that each time they roll the wheels.

Is it worth to play this innovative game type?

This unique software usually comes with high volatility, meaning casino visitors can expect bigger wins less frequently. Once the winning combination lands, gambling website visitors can expect innovative and lucrative features, including free spins, cascading reels, and other unique prize-boosting options.

Megaways offers innovative core mechanics that can be interesting to players. They also have the same RTP as the competition, and if users like high volatility, this concept is worth playing.

Pros and Cons 

Like any other fun product, there are obvious benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most pronounced pros and cons:

  • Dynamic gameplay with cascading reels and different number of icons on the wheels each spin
  • Great variety of bonus features like free spins, additional horizontal row, and symbol-triggered bonuses
  • Up to 117,649 ways to achieve a payout each play
  • Not everyone like the high variance that usually come with less frequent payouts
  • Gameplay relies on special characters that trigger bonus features


What are cascading reels?

It is one of the defining gameplay mechanics of Megaways slots. This exciting option activates after each payout when the winning icon disappears and new ones fall into their place. The cycle continues if the new success is achieved, allowing more than one payout per spin.

How many symbols can players find in each play?

The games have different numbers of icons on the reels for each round. Players can usually find six or seven columns, and the number of symbols varies between 2 and 7. Such dynamic reels lead to varied paylines for each play, ranging from 243 to 117,649.