How do Rows and Reels influence the gameplay of casino games

Just as symbols are foundational pieces of any online slot, so are rows and reels. These are part of the game’s layout, and together, they form a space where symbols land and form potential winnings.

Both are straightforward concepts, but sometimes players confuse the rows with paylines. All online slot games in Michigan’s most reputable mobile casinos rely on these basics, so our team has created this guide to help new players get a hold of them.

What are Reels and Rows?

Reels are the basic concept of slot games, and when players engage with the slot machines, the reels are the ones that are virtually spinning. Once they set in, the symbols on them may or may not form the winning combination. Rows are the horizontal spots where the icons could land. Together, these horizontal and vertical lines create the slot’s layout grid.

Most modern video slots have a 5×3 layout, however, software developers invented numerous features like expanding reels that can change the layout dynamically. Visitors of casino brands licensed in America can find standard 5×3 or games like Megaways with different and innovative playing fields.

Are Rows and Paylines the same?

One of the misconceptions about these games is confusing rows with paylines. It derives from the concept of slots that require a player to land identical symbols from left to right. 

The first slot machines had only straight paylines in line with the rows, but modern software development trends result in up to 25 or more paylines depending on the mechanics. 

To clarify, a payline can be identical to a row, but most software has more paylines. A row is a strict, straight line, and a payline can be diagonal, a curve, or even a cluster. 

What types of Reels are there?

Horizontal lines in slots differ in number and can have different play mechanics for symbols landing on them. These differences lead to some gameplay variations, and here are the main types.

Reel typeExplanation
3 reel slotsThe basic configuration is reminiscent of the first machines
5 reel slotsThe most common scheme in modern software. Such titles come with free spins, wilds, scatters, and other bonus features
CascadingA variation to the usual gameplay is a cascading feature that removes the winning symbols and lets others fall into their place, opening up more winning opportunities in a single spin.
MegawaysThis innovative design features a different number of win lines for each spin, depending on the size of the bet.
Other typesSlots often have 7 or 10 horizontal lines, and sore rare ones can have 4, 6, or 8. 

Are the chances of winning better with a bigger playing field?

The number of straight and vertical lines changes the number of possible winning combinations, and each play is wholly randomized because these games determine outcomes with an RNG. As such, the chance of winning would be higher if all other variables remained unchanged. However, the volatility of such slots would typically be lower, meaning that while the wins are more frequent, the rewards for each one are relatively small. As a result, the RTP stays similar for slots that have different numbers of reels and rows.

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What is the most common layout?

The prevailing layout is 5×3, but modern gambling software’s horizontal and vertical lines can vary greatly.

Is their number fixed for each game?

While some games can expand the layout as part of a unique feature, players can’t change the number of parallel and vertical directions of the game.