Explaining Symbols in Online Slots

Symbols are a fundamental part of the gameplay and visual identity of online casino games. They are connected visually to the theme of the game, and each one has a value that determines the payout amount for each winning combination.

Graphically appealing icons can lure players to the best gambling sites in America. A good balance between their value is also critical for a better experience.

What are symbols?

Modern video slots have a layout with a fixed number of reels and rows, with the most common being 5×3. Each place on the reels is filled with a graphical representation of some value in the form of a symbol. Depending on the game’s theme, these can be fruits, animals, Wild West characters, icons representing the gods of Ancient Greece/Egypt, etc. The options are only limited by the imagination of software developers, and there are plenty of highly-unique themes available online.

The types of symbols

Games can have dozens of different emblems, typically 20 per reel. To get a win, a player must land at least three standard icons on a pre-determined payline (for most games). This basic types include fruits, gems, animals, playing cards, and mythology characters, while more creative themes can have entirely custom symbols stemming from the game’s lore.

Most titles in online casinos come with wild, scatter, and multiplier features. wild icons replace any other ones on the reels to help create a winning combination. Modern games also offer variations like wild multiplier, floating wilds, etc. Landing three scatter symbols usually brings out a free spins round or other type of bonus round. The scatter icons also offer a payout regardless of where they appear on the reels.

Bonus symbols are similar, as they trigger extra rounds. However, these might have unique conditions, like landing on a specific location on the reels or collecting getting a certain number of bonus icons. Promotional offers can come in various forms, like a special casino bonus for WV players or software-specific promotions. Finally, multipliers, as the name suggests, increase the payouts. A 5x multiplier will boost the payout from the payline by five.

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Do games with a broader range of icons offer better odds of winning?

More varied types of visuals mostly contribute to the fun factor, but the presence of unique features like free spins can increase the odds of landing a win. However, because each spin is governed by a random number generator, the probability of winning every play is the same, regardless of other factors like the previous round or a more extensive selection of symbols. Playing a high-volatility title will undoubtedly be more fun, with innovative emblems that activate unique features en route to big prizes. On the other hand, a lower volatility should result in much more frequent wins, although the amount will be smaller.

What are the most profitable ones?

Theme-specific visuals tend to bring the biggest prizes to players. Users will want to land the main character, as those come with the highest value. Many games have the wild as the highest-paying icon, but scatters can also have the biggest value. To check the most profitable type, players should consult the paytable. Gambling site visitors would also love to see jackpot icons appearing on the reels, but these are reserved for progressive or fixed jackpot titles.

Researching the symbols of a specific slots

Players can browse the paytable as the fastest way to find out what they can encounter in the game. But to get a better understanding of the mechanics, there are a few more things users can do:

  1. Playing a demo version on the provider’s website can give insights into what each icon brings to the game.
  2. Consulting gambling-themed websites and player forums or discussions on Reddit can be helpful.
  3. Players can read reviews from other users to enhance their knowledge about the game’s overall quality, fun factor, and payouts.


Why are wilds and scatters important in slots?

Wilds usually replace any other symbols, helping the winning combination, while scatters allow payouts outside of paylines and trigger free spins. Both can also have the highest value in specific titles.

What are the best standard symbols in games?

Visuals representing the central theme usually have the highest worth and are considered the best.