Explaining the Volatility of Online Slot Games

The popularity of online gambling relies on the fun factor combined with the opportunity to win money. Understanding how games function when playing with cash in virtual casinos can lead to a more even-keel approach, more enjoyment, and fewer disappointments.

For online slots, volatility is one of the key metrics available to grasp randomized outcomes better.

What is Volatility?

The term reveals the risk of playing a slot game or the variance of how often a particular title pays out. 

It determines the frequency and typical size of the wins. Higher value leads to big wins with a lower frequency of winnings, and low-variance games have more winnings but offer lower amounts. These factors generally don’t affect exclusive bonus offers and unique features.

How does it affect the play?

Each player has a different style and goals. Outcomes of playtime depend on multiple factors, with volatility and RTP revealing most information to the player.

The game’s variance is directly connected to gameplay. Typically, big shots will favor high-variability games since they offer more significant rewards but on more scarce terms. 

Users who prefer to stretch their money on more spins might like more lower-variance slots, as they reward more often, which means playing longer with identical amounts.

RTP or return to player is money gamers can expect to get back from their wagers. RTP is calculated on a large scale, so it does not apply to a single session. Players can view both concepts as a general guideline and simultaneously experience different outcomes.

How can we understand what is the volatility of the slot game?

Navigating through paylines is more straightforward, with a better understanding of the underlying mechanism. As one of the defining features, this feature is usually listed under the game description or at the end of the paytable. 

The main feature is how often the slot produces wins, and the prize amount is connected to that variable. Simultaneously, players should look at the RTP number and check the payout table. If the payout for five symbols on the payline is more than ten times bigger than for four, it is probably a higher-variance title.

Why does the understanding of this concept matter?

Because it is a statistical average for perhaps billions of spins, understanding it can help players temper expectations. Users will generally experience more winnings in lower-risk and fewer bigger wins on the opposite side of the spectrum. 

Understanding the advertised feature will help players choose titles aligned with their risk assessment, overall budget, and playing style. Because slots determine outcomes through a random number generator, playing sessions might lead to big winnings in low-volatile games or multiple small gains for the opposite. 

Previous wins and losses do not influence the next spin, and players should look at the concept on a large multi-million spins scale.

Are high-volatility slots better?

Choosing the type of slot boils down to preferences. Users chasing huge wins that come far in between might find this type of software better. Such titles usually have bonus games, multipliers, and other features that can increase the payout. 

Design favors big spenders and players who have substantial funds. The idea behind such titles lies in the balance of significant enough wins to compensate for lower frequency.

Are low volatility slots better?

Slots associated with lower risk give out smaller but more frequent payouts. Casino visitors that want to play longer with limited amounts might find them better. Casual gamers will probably lean towards low variance, but it is all about individual preferences.

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How many levels of fluctuation are there among slot games?

Slots can have up to five levels of risk. Most titles are either high or low-risk, but there are variants in between, like low-medium, medium, and medium-high.

How to determine the variance of a game?

Each software has the information or paytable button displaying the official rating. Also, if RTP is bigger, chances are it is a low-risk slot.