The Game of Deuces Wild Explained

Deuces Wild is a variation of Video Poker with one of the highest RTP (Return to Player) percentages of any slot machine seen in casinos, ranging from 97 to 99 percent. This post to gain all the essential knowledge about the rules and strategies for Deuces Wild to help players get familiar with the game before they wager on it online.

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What is Deuces Wild

The main distinction of the game from other variations of videopoker is the fact that Deuces (2s) serve as wild card, meaning that they can serve as any other card to form a winning combination. Some of the best hands with the largest payouts are:

  • Natural Royal Flush (A Royal Flush with no Wild Card and an Ace as the top card).
  • Four Deuces
  • Wild Royal Flush (Contains 2 or more Deuces)
  • Five of a Kind
  • Straight Flush

That’s how an average slots looks like. The maximum payouts in the game are awarded for Two Royal Flushes, Four 2, and Natural Royal Flush.               

Advantages of playing Deuces Wild Online

  1. 1

    Low house edge

    With the right strategy, it’s possible to reduce the casino’s advantage to 1%.

  2. 2

    Free play option

    The demo mode allow for trying various strategies, learning the combination, and general practice.

  3. 3

    Gaming from anywhere

    Players can enjoy online video poker from home or when travelling with just a computer or smartphone.

Tips for playing 

Listed below is some essential gaming advice for new players looking to boost their chances of success:

  • When dealt a full house, four of a kind, or any type of flush or straight, trying to improve upon that combination would be unwise;
  • If dealt two pairs, discard three cards to keep just ONE of the pairs;
  • Swap one card if you have a four-card royal flush that also includes a Deuce;
  • Trade one card if you have a straight flush.

Safety and security considerations when playing online 

This variety of video slots can be found in many casinos across the USA, so it’s essential to consider several factors and choose the right website that provides a safe and comfortable gaming experience. The most crucial factor is that the casino must have a license from the local jurisdiction. Also, make sure that the website has modern encryption certificates to prevent the exposure of personal information. After that, pay attention to the casino game options – the website should feature this specific variant of the game. Additionally, take note of the list of bonuses, the specifics of supported payment systems, and the transaction speed.

Comparison of Online vs. Traditional Deuces Wild                

The online format is virtually indistinguishable from the same variation of the poker machine installed in land-based casinos. Differences may be related to the size of bets, payout limits, design, and other nuances that don’t change the core mechanics of the game.


The game has a quite promising future – casinos can implement entirely new formats, such as virtual or augmented reality, to bring the experience closer to land-based casinos in terms of immersion. This type of videopoker is already quite popular among players, and with the integration of new technologies, the fan base of the slot machine may increase even further. However, regardless of the exciting visuals, it is important to observe responsible gambling practices when enjoying Deuces Wild at the best online casinos for players from Michigan.

What is Deuces Wild?

It is a variant of Video Poker where all 2s or “Deuces” are wild cards.

How is the card game played?

Players are dealt a hand of cards that can be retained or discarded to form winning combinations. It is one of the simplest casino games to start up.

What is the best strategy?

To achieve the maximum theoretical RTP of the game, one can learn the values and probabilities of each hand, or use an optimal hand calculator (if the casino allows it).