Virtual Scratch Cards Bring Instant Lottery to Online Casinos

Scratch cards are a lottery format, where players remove a thin opaque layer, hoping to find 3 matching number behind it. Unlike drawing-based lotteries, people buying scratch cards could immediately find out how much they won. When this form of entertainment was invented in America, the tickets were only sold in stores. Recently, however, they have been adapted to online casinos, further boosting convenience.

What are scratch cards?

Even though the concept looks quite simple and uncomplicated, online casino games developers made a breakthrough in this case. The studios retain the basic gameplay, but add various visual or bonus features to the game. As an example:

Different ThemesThese include fantasy, space, Egypt, cyberpunk, anime, and much more.
Bonus Rounds and OpportunitiesGamblers can use casino bonuses both to increase their chances and for more thrills.
Honest and Clear RTP This feature of the leading slot destinations and has also found its place here.

One of the most popular games among American gamblers is Lucky Numbers by Hacksaw Gaming, featuring Asian themes and music.

Advantages of playing scratch-off cards in online casinos

There are several reasons why this game has become more popular in the online format than offline. One of them was mentioned earlier: players do not need to look for these tickets in stores or anywhere else. In addition to this, it is also worth mentioning the high customizability, as numerous options in different styles are available. And for those looking to raise the stake, trying to hit the jackpot with thousands of tickets is much easier with the virtual variant.

Popular scratch card variations in the USA

At the moment, there is a booming interest in lotteries among US gamblers. As a result, among the thousands of gaming titles at the top are:

  • Merlin’s Millions. This fantasy game can pay out as much 1000x in one movement of the cursor.
  • Summer. It is an easy and simple project, with a cute duck accompanying the gambler at every round.
  • Call of the Colosseum. It’s a compelling title with incredible graphics, and a max win multiplier of 1000x.

Safety and security considerations when playing scratch cards in the USA

Gambling regulation in the USA is handled at the state level, and thus varies greatly across regions. Despite the differences in laws in different states, they are all aimed at maximum protection and safety of all gambling participants.

Based on this, luxury casino gambling can be available to any user, as long as they choose an honest and legal platform in their state. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the security measures of such sites, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, etc.

Tips for online play

The thrill of wagering real money is much greater when the result is revealed instantly, and nothing prevents players from starting another round immediately. To ensure an enjoyable experience, it is also worth remembering a few strategies and tips:

  1. Before playing a new variant of the game, we recommend reading the rules to see if there are any significant changes.
  2. Setting hard bankroll limits can help keep the player in control of their finances.
  3. With a sufficient budget, it may be worth exploring the classic Martingale system—doubling the bet after each loss so that a single win will always result in a net positive balance.

Effects on the industry

The US gambling market brought in 60+ billion in 2022, which is 10 billion more than in 2021. So, the industry, including lotteries with all the benefits and potential risks, will only develop and fill the niche.


Why play online if there are traditional ones?

The main reason is convenience, as those who already have a casino account do not need to go out of their way to purchase scratch cards in a physical shop.

Are these games legal in the US?

The legality of various forms of online gambling varies by state, but regions that allow online casino usually do not object to scratch cards either.