What is Tens or Better?

Tens or Better is a form of video poker widely appreciated across the United States. It offers a twist on traditional titles, similar to the well-known game of jacks or better. Given its reputation as a beginner-friendly variant, it’s an excellent entry point for newcomers to the poker world. The name stems from its unique feature: a pair of tens or any higher-ranking hand secures a win.

How to Play 

Playing this variant in the dozens of US casinos is straightforward, making it ideal for beginners. The steps are as follows:

  1. Choose a reliable online platform. Start by selecting a trustworthy site that offers the game.
  2. Know the rules. Understanding the basic rules will significantly boost the chances of winning.
  3. Make a bet. Decide on the amount to wager before starting.
  4. Draw cards. Five cards are initially dealt. Players can then decide which ones to hold and which ones to discard.
  5. Redraw. After discarding unwanted cards, new ones will replace them from the deck.
  6. Check hand ranking. See if the final hand can win the game.

Tens or Better Payouts

Understanding potential payouts is key when playing this title. For a single-coin bet, the table below lists the possible winning hands and corresponding payouts:

Royal Flush250
Straight Flush50
Four of a Kind25
Full House6
Three of a Kind3
Two Pair2
Tens or Better1


Successful play hinges on following a sound strategy. Consider these tips:

  • Understand hand ranks. The lowest winning hand is a pair of tens. Knowing when to hold cards and when to draw new ones is crucial.
  • Prudent betting. The goal should be sustainable winnings, not significant short-term gains.
  • Get bonuses. Extra bonuses like free spins promotions are beneficial. They provide additional playing opportunities for money-saving entertainment.
  • Royal Flush chase. Royal Flushes deliver big rewards; keep any three cards towards this potential result.
  • Practice using free casino games online. This helps nurture understanding and affords risk-free strategizing.

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In conclusion, Tens or Better is an exciting and easily accessible form of online poker. Its unique rule set provides a pleasant variation to traditional games. Though the game is simple to start, mastering it requires familiarity with hand rankings and careful strategy. Through prudent betting, patience, and consistent practice, players can achieve sustainable wins and enjoy this captivating variant of poker.


Where can I play the game?

Many trustworthy online platforms feature a list of casino games. Ensure that your chosen site has a credible reputation and proper licensing before you start playing.

Can I play the game for free?

Yes, many platforms offer free versions to encourage practice and familiarization with the game’s rules and strategies before staking actual money.

Can beginners play the title?

Absolutely! Because of its straightforward rules, beginners often find it an excellent entry point into the world of video poker.