Is Smartwatch Gambling A Real Thing?

Innovation is a key part of the competition in the online casino space. Smartwatch gambling is a trend that was born out of thin need for differentiation and standout features. As a result, players can now enjoy their favorite slots or poker hands right from their wrists. Yet, some users ask whether there is real demand for such technology, or if gamers would rather use their smartphone instead. Our experts analyze the trend and explore data from new Michigan casino establishments with an online presence to answer this question.

Overview of the trend

A smartwatch connect to the internet, track fitness data, alert the user to messages, place calls, and now even support online gambling. The core process for playing casino games remains unchanged: bettors select a title, decide on the wagers, and tap a button to make a bet.

Industry giants like Playtech and Microgaming stay at the forefront of this trend. Playtech was one of the first to develop an application that can be downloaded and accessed directly from the device. Similarly, Microgaming realized the potential of such portable devices and dedicated resources to developing software for them. Apps designed by these leaders function seamlessly, which provides a smooth and enjoyable betting experience.

Various types of smartwatches support this functionality. The most popular one is undoubtedly the Apple Watch, with its sophisticated interface and vast user network. Then there’s the Samsung Galaxy Watch with its robust build and long battery life. Other Wear–OS-based watches can also be used for this purpose, provided their hardware is powerful enough.

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Such type of gaming offers fun and convenience, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Before players delve into this new avenue, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Data security considerations
  • Battery life constraints
  • Screen size limitations
  • Access to customer support services
  • Keeping track of betting limits
  • Considering Wi-Fi availability and data charges

Pros ✔️ and cons ❌ of gambling on a smartwatch

  • Betting becomes highly accessible
  • Allows for subtle gameplay
  • Engages users with the latest tech
  • Playing anywhere, anytime
  • Updates and alerts in real-time
  • Limited display area affects usability
  • Fewer games available than on mobile or PC
  • Intensive use may drain the watch’s battery quickly
  • Navigating through games can be less intuitive
  • Registration and deposits still require a smartphone

Smartwatch vs. mobile gambling apps

FeatureSmartwatch AppsMobile Apps
Screen SizeMuch smaller and less advanced.Larger, providing detailed graphics and easier navigation.
PortabilityExtremely portable, does not take up space.Requires carrying a device in a pocket or bag.
CapabilitiesOnly basic interactions are possible on the limited screen.Pretty much any gaming activity can be carried out
Game SelectionTypically smallerA wider variety of online slots is available.
Battery LifeUsing it for extended gaming can drain the battery quickly.Depends on the graphics level of each game.
User InterfaceBasic, focusing on simplicity and quick access.More complex, with advanced features and settings.
NotificationsImmediate.Customizable and can be managed easily.
CompatibilityLimited to powerful models with fully-fledged operating systems.Most modern smartphones can be used for this.

Final thoughts

The leap from desktop to mobile devices was huge, and the shift from mobiles to smartwatches is equally significant. This transition marks a new era in online gambling. Some challenges still need addressing, but all signs point to a future where this form of gaming gains more and more popularity. Surely, the next few years hold exciting developments for this trend.